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Shubhda Ponda

Vice President, India

At Avista’s Mumbai office, I have had the opportunity of widening my transaction experience by being involved in fund raising through private equity, acquisition financing through debt and restructuring of FCCBs.

The firm imbibes a collaborative culture and has facilitated a high level of involvement in transactions since the time I joined. I am so glad to share that I have had the most fascinating and intellectually stimulating experience of advising a large Corporate in the power business on divestment options and evaluating debt restructuring alternatives and sophisticated hybrid investment structures.

The key advantage that I see of working in a multinational boutique such as Avista is the diverse experience in terms of products, sectors and geographies and also a high level of involvement in transactions. As debt and equity are quite interlinked, the firm’s strong forte in debt advisory has helped in an improved understanding of deal dynamics and has developed a holistic approach to investment banking advisory.

Working closely with senior investment bankers who have strong relationships and domain expertise,since the time I joined as an associate,has enabled honing my understanding of the industry.

I also always had the flexibility to undertake business development initiatives and leverage on my previous experience since the time I joined the firm.

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