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Vanshika Khemka

Associate, Singapore

I joined Avista after graduating from Singapore Management University in Economics and Finance in June 2013. Straight off the bat, the learning curve was very steep. University education does not entirely equip one for real world scenarios and analysis. Thus, support from the team was very essential. Fortunately, at Avista, everyone was willing to help – from fellow analysts and associates, middle and senior management in India and Singapore, as well as the CEO. Everyone was very approachable and easy to interact with.

While analysts start from the bottom and do a lot of the ground work, at Avista, analysts are given a lot more responsibilities owing to the compact nature of the team. From preparing profiles, teasers, and pitches to preparing detailed financial models, and assisting in due diligence. I worked across the board, and probably had the opportunity to work across more products and deliverables, as compared to my peers at bulge bracket firms.

As the months passed and I gained more experience, the dependence on seniors gradually reduced and more responsibilities were handed directly to me. Often, I worked directly with the Director, MD or CEO on some deliverables. I had the opportunity to attend a wide range of meetings, whether with a client, prospective client or with investors. This exposure was very essential to understanding the points of view of various stakeholders, and has to a very large extent honed my communication skills.

At Avista, I find that there are far greater opportunities to step up and prove one’s worth, and hard work is recognized and rewarded accordingly by the management. As the years passed, I moved up from the position of analyst, to senior analyst and finally, to the role of an associate. I believe this trajectory in a span of 3 years was possible because of the opportunity to work on a wide range of products and sectors, greater responsibility entrusted to juniors and last, but not least, the help and support of every member of the team.

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