About Us

Avista Advisory Group is an independent boutique integrated financial services company focused in South East Asia and India region. Established in year 2000, Avista has created value for financial investors and companies in the region by enabling capital formation and resolution of special situations.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services across diverse industry sectors:

  • Financial Restructuring
  • Capital structuring and placement across Debt, Mezzanine, and Equity
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Asset management services for Real Estate &Hospitality sector

Independent advice, strong understanding of capital markets and regulatory framework are hallmarks of our commitment to client success across our Investment Banking Advisory and Asset Management services.

With Avista Advisory Group’s strong stressed asset restructuring advisory practice and successful NPL resolution platform in South East Asia & India and access to wide spectrum of pools of institutional and private capital, we are in the process of setting up our stressed asset and special situation (SASS) investment management & investment advisory platform. On behalf of our investors, A Capital Investors will look at investing opportunities in South East Asia & India.

Avista Asset Management, Singapore offers 3rd party asset management services within the Real Estate realm to its clients & investors. SE Asia / ASEAN, India & China are our focus regions given the dynamics of the strong underlying fundamentals of these economies.

Our strength is our domain expertise which is real estate and encompasses financial & real estate knowledge. Our impeccable track record & experience with all types of asset classes and across the different real estate cycles make us an extremely compelling partner. Our approach to client / investor engagements is very different from a typical service provider as we not only offer solutions but own the implementation of the recommended strategies.

Our skill sets when applied with our expertise of project, development & asset management to the situation result in exceptional outcomes. We are always seeking ways to mitigate and minimize downside risk and ensure that an imminent exit is always available for the clients & investors. Our framework, processes and mindset are skewed towards an Institutional way of thinking as we have served and continue to serve global institutional investors.

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